Answers to frequently asked questions

Do the hammocks and chairs come with the accessories needed for assembly?

Hammocks and chairs do not have mounting accessories in the set, they must be purchased separately in the accessories section. The exceptions are the Colibri travel hammocks, the ZunZun outdoor chairs and some Joki children's caves - these models have an integrated mounting system. It is permissible to use the hooks you already have or buy them in a DIY store, but remember to check their durability. We are not responsible for damage caused by improper assembly and assembly on accessories purchased from other stores.

Do I need cushions for a hammock chair or hammock?

Cushions for hammock chairs and hammocks are designed to increase the comfort of use, but this is an issue that should be approached individually. Our statistics show that most of our customers choose chairs without cushions and do not buy them in the near future, which means that the seats in our offer are so comfortable that there is no need to upgrade them. However, if the hammock chair is to look nice hanging freely (without weight), then the cushions will certainly improve the appearance and emphasize its presence in the arranged interior or garden.

Hammock chairs (with a few exceptions) are sold without cushions, even if they appear in the product photos. Information about whether the pillows are a set can be found in the description or technical data in the product card, if you are unsure, please contact us. Cushions can be purchased separately in the accessories / hammock cushions section.

Which brand to choose/which is better?

A question very often asked by our customers before buying, unfortunately, will still remain unanswered. This is due to the fact that each product in our offer is branded, high quality and manufactured by companies that have specialized in the production of hammocks, hammock chairs or stands for years. We do not sell market-quality products. Of course, we very often recommend a specific brand or advise against it, but only if we know the exact requirements and expectations. Although we are strongly associated with several brands, we try not to favor them, we always honestly recommend the product that will be best suited to the customer's needs. So, if you have any doubts, feel free to contact us :)

Are wooden hammock stands impregnated?

In the product card of each wooden stand there is information about whether the stand has impregnation. However, since the beginning of our store's existence, we have never had a stand that did not have an impregnation in our offer. Very often our customers ask about impregnation after receiving the stand, after unpacking and touching the wood, they have doubts. This is due to the fact that the wood looks raw and does not have any outer protective layer. Currently, all stands in our offer are impregnated by manufacturers using the bathing (immersion) or pressure method. These are professional methods that guarantee the best protection of wood against the influence of adverse external factors, such as moisture, mold or insects. Both methods are aimed at introducing the impregnation deep into the structure of the wood and protecting it in its entirety, after such a procedure the wood slightly changes its shade, but its structure remains visible and matte. Very often impregnation is associated with a thick layer of stain or other agent covering only the outer layer, but this is not the best method and requires annual corrections. Manufacturers usually allow you to paint the stand yourself, for example to change the colors, but we suggest that you agree on this in order to maintain the warranty.

Are hammocks and hammock chairs machine washable?

It is acceptable to wash hammocks and hammock chairs in the washing machine, however, extreme caution is advised. Use a gentle cycle and as low a temperature as possible (maximum 30°), and set the spin to the lowest speed. Laundry detergents should not be very aggressive. Strings should be tied with thread or string to avoid entanglement. If the hammock is to be stored away and not used for a long time after washing, make sure that it is completely dry, packing or rolling up a damp hammock exposes it to damage. Hammocks with a bar are usually not machine washable due to the permanent connection of the fabric with the wooden rods, it may not be possible to tie the knots correctly after washing. For this type of hammock, we recommend hand washing or removing dirt locally.

Why are wooden hammock stands (or other wooden products) darker than the ones shown in the pictures?

Wooden products are impregnated using the bathing (dip) method in order to protect the wood against weather conditions, mould and other external factors. The impregnation gives the wood a dark (olive) color, which brightens when it comes into contact with UV rays. Impregnation in the factory is carried out without contact with daylight, at the last stage of production, stands or chairs are packed in cardboard boxes and then delivered to customers. Throughout this process, the wood is not in contact with light, which is why they may be darker when they are unpacked.

Why the ordered hammock is shorter than the one specified in the technical data

Most hammocks (not all) are manufactured in such a way that they reach their target length after a few uses. This is to avoid unpleasant situations where the hammock may turn out to be too long after some time and prevent it from being properly hung in the stand or between other mounting elements.