Hammocks for babies

Hammock for a baby

A hammock for a baby has many benefits

Newborns and infants who are still getting used to the outside world need a lot of attention, a sense of security and conditions that resemble life in their mother's belly. The hammocks are soft, they hug the baby from all sides, they can be gently rocked, all this resembles the conditions in the mother's womb. Miniature hammocks later also develop the sense of balance and motor coordination, which has a positive impact on their development. According to many parents, the hammock relieves colic and anxiety, while rocking brings relief, peace and smiles.

Hammock for a newborn in the apartment

Newborn hammocks can be hung from the ceiling in the room or to the door stand with special accessories. However, the best option is a special hammock stand. Why? The hammock with stand can be easily moved anywhere in the house and always keep an eye on your little one. New mothers are often not exempt from household chores such as cleaning, cooking or ironing. Thanks to this solution, you can cope with all this and at the same time be by your child's side all the time, who often carefully observes mommy's struggles. On warm days, you can be tempted to take your toddler in a hammock to the garden or balcony.

Is a baby hammock safe?

The hammocks themselves are very safe, they have seat belts and if we put the baby in it correctly, nothing will threaten him. The biggest doubt may be their suspension at a certain height, and rightly so. Therefore, only safety-approved special mounting kits should be used to install the hammock. These are usually the same accessories that are used to hang adult hammocks and can withstand at least 100 kilograms of load. Another issue is the installation itself, you need to find out in advance what the ceiling is made of and whether it is suitable for hanging. For example, a suspended ceiling is absolutely not suitable for this, but concrete or a wooden beam ceiling will be ideal. At this point, it is again worth mentioning the stands, which are properly constructed and dedicated to baby hammocks, when used properly do not pose any danger. The baby hammocks offered in our store are made of natural and safe materials. The canvas is made of natural cotton, free of harmful substances, and the wooden stands and crossbars are not varnished with harmful chemicals.

Can a baby sleep in a hammock?

No such studies have been carried out in Europe and, according to the manufacturers' recommendations, the child should not be placed in a hammock all night. During the day, it can be used as a nap bed without any problems.

Hammocks for a baby - an interesting fact

At Marilia University Hospital in Brazil, newborns are placed in miniature hammocks instead of traditional cribs. This solution was developed by the hospital staff as a way to maintain a natural position. Nurses believe that hammocks resemble a mother's womb and are ideal for full-term babies as well as premature babies. For premature babies, hammocks are placed in incubators, reportedly helping them gain weight and having a positive effect on overall maturity and visual and auditory function.

Hammock - a gift for navel and baby showers

A hammock for a newborn will be a great gift idea for a future mother, it is so original that you do not have to worry about duplicating the gift. The models available in our store are universal, they fit both a boy and a girl, if for some reason the sex of the child is kept secret, it will not be a problem at all.