Single hammocks

Single hammock

Single hammocks are a perfect solution for people who like to relax alone, sometimes resting alone brings the best results. Due to its small size, a single hammock has one huge advantage - it can be hung in a small space, wherever larger models cannot fit. Our store's offer includes branded single-person hammocks of various types and in many colors to choose from, both for garden and indoor use.

Single hammocks - when will they work better

A single hammock will be the perfect choice if you like to relax alone or do not have enough space to hang a larger hammock. In larger models, in order to rest together, you need to take the right position and lie down with your legs inside, not everyone likes such gymnastics - then it is better to buy two single hammocks. Smaller sometimes means more possibilities, because it will fit even in small interiors or between trees that are a short distance from each other. If you plan to take the hammock on weekend trips out of town or to the park, the one-person model will be easier to pack, of course, due to its smaller size when stored in a cover.

Despite their smaller size, these hammocks are very comfortable, you can comfortably spend time in them and relax.

Single hammock - very durable and not as small as it seems

Our single hammocks are designed to provide maximum comfort and safety even for large and tall people.

The permissible load of such a model is not less than 100 kg, and the most common range is between 120 kg and 150 kg. The average length ranges from 250cm to even 300cm, depending on whether it is a classic hammock or one with a bar. The width of the fabric ranges from 100cm to 140cm. As you can see, these are not microscopic models designed for toddlers, but full-size, comfortable hammocks for adults. They can often take a small stowaway on board, of course, as long as the permissible load is not exceeded.