Hammock chairs for children

Hammock chair for children

A hammock chair for children is an extraordinary piece of furniture that was created by combining the features of a hammock and a hanging chair. It is a hammock canvas hung on a wooden spreader bar, to specify the sitting part and the backrest, the material is asymmetrical. Another type of hammock chairs are the so-called cocoons or caves sewn in the shape of a drop of water, they have a comfortable cushion inside. They are usually made of organic cotton or polyester in models intended for outdoor use. The most popular ones are produced by La Siesta and Amazonas, both of which specialize in hammocks and place great emphasis on the development of safe children's products.

A hammock chair in the child's room. In interior design programs and magazines, you can more and more often come across children's arrangements in which hanging hammocks play the main role. There is a reason why architects love them, in addition to their attractive appearance, they are also extremely functional. They can be used as an chair while reading, listening to music or watching your favorite cartoon. The hammock chair will also replace the classic swing and encourage creative play in thousands of ways. But that's not all, you can hide in it from the whole world or rest after a hard day at school, and in larger models even take a short nap.

A hammock chair instead of a children's swing in the garden. In winter and autumn in the room, and in spring and summer in the garden, these chairs are so versatile that you can use them all year round and change their place of suspension at will. With a hammock chair, it is no longer necessary to buy a garden swing for a child, it will successfully replace its place. Not only in the garden, but also on the balcony or terrace. Wherever there is a possibility of safe suspension. If there are no trees or other structures around the house, a special stand made of wood or metal for hanging may be irreplaceable. It is important that models made of cotton are protected from heavy rain and dry well if they get wet, models made of polyester will cope with moisture.

How to hang a hammock chair in a child's room or in the garden? This model, unlike the classic hammock, does not take up much space, 1 square meter is enough to use it freely, of course, this is the minimum required and when playing or swinging, more space around the chair will be useful. To hang it on the ceiling or a tree branch, you will need a mounting bracket, which must be purchased separately in our -accessories- section. Before starting the installation in the room, it is a good idea to try on the chair and determine the most suitable place for it, away from other furniture, windows or walls. Depending on the set, it will be necessary to drill one or more holes and screw the ceiling element, then all that remains is to connect it with a rope to the chair. In the garden on a tree branch or other structure, the installation is very similar, without the use of a drill. It is very important to hang the chair at the right height, adequate to the age and height of the child. Proper installation and suspension height have an impact on safety, this should not be ignored.

Hammock chair in public places. They can be found more and more often in playrooms in hotels and shopping malls, they are present in almost every commercial playroom and private kindergarten. Most of the models offered in our store have TUV, InterTek and GOTS safety certificates.

A hammock chair is also a great gift idea for a girl and a boy for various occasions (communion, holidays or birthdays). Not only for younger children but also for teenagers, we offer many sizes and colors.