Hammocks with stand

Hammock with stand

Are you looking for a hammock with a stand? You're in the right place. We have the largest offer of ready-made hammock sets, very elegant and durable. By purchasing a ready-made set in our store, you do not risk the wrong size of the stand and hammock, we guarantee this. You will find hammocks with a wooden or metal stand, various sizes and in many colors, we are sure that you will find the right model for your garden. Our hammocks with a stand are safe, original and designed in accordance with the latest garden trends.

Hammocks with stand

Hammocks in a set with a stand are aimed at people who value comfort and convenience of use, but above all, they will be used where there is no other way to hang a hammock. We offer single, double and family sets on wooden or steel and metal stands. Hammock sets will look great in a fashionable garden, a modern terrace or on a patio or large balcony.

Hammocks with a stand look much more attractive than those suspended between trees, thanks to which they can become the main element of outdoor arrangements. A great advantage of the stand is its mobility, you can relax in the hammock almost anywhere depending on the weather conditions or individual needs. The smaller stands can be folded and taken with you on a camping or vacation without worrying about not having trees to hang your hammock.

Garden hammocks with stand

Garden hammocks with a stand are characterized by increased resistance to weather conditions (rain, moisture, mold and UV rays). Hammock canvases are usually made of blends of cotton and polyester or polyester alone, which significantly affects the drying time of the hammock. The stands we offer in our store are designed for outdoor use, each is very durable and resistant to external factors.   stands made of wood are professionally impregnated, and steel stands have a special coating that prevents corrosion.

In our offer you can also find cotton hammocks with a stand, they are less resistant, but due to the ease of assembly and disassembly, they can be successfully used in the garden, in case of heavy rain, the hammock can be easily and quickly removed from the stand. Alternatively, you can get a special protective cover. Cotton hammocks with a stand are very often chosen by our customers, pure cotton is not an obstacle to use in the garden, it just needs to be protected more.

Hammocks with a stand are available in various configurations and sizes, you can choose between wooden or metal stands, you can choose a classic hammock or one with a bar made of various types of materials. Each hammock with a stand from our offer is perfect for the garden.

Hammocks with stand for balcony and terrace

From the experience of our customers, we know that it is not always possible to hang a hammock on a balcony or terrace. It happens that the building manager does not allow you to drill a hole in the façade or simply the construction of the balcony or terrace makes it impossible, in which case the problem will be solved by a hammock with a stand. A hammock with a stand for a balcony or terrace may cause more doubts when choosing it, the main limitation is the available space. In this case, you should only take into account the dimensions of the stand, which should not only fit on the balcony, but also not take up its entire surface.

In our store's offer, you can find small stands with a hammock, which should easily fit on a balcony or a small terrace.

In the case of very narrow balconies, a hammock with a stand in the form of an chair may work, the stand in this case has a much smaller base area, but it is higher.

Double hammock with stand

The most popular lounge set for the garden is a double hammock with a stand. Its popularity is undoubtedly associated with the possibility of lounging in the company of a loved one, spending free time with a large person is a moment that we wait for all day or even the whole week. A double hammock with a stand will make spending weekends and evenings together more attractive. The wide canvas can comfortably accommodate two adults, and the high durability of the stand will ensure safety. A two-person hammock set will work primarily in the home garden, but also on a large terrace or patio.

In our offer you will find a large selection of double hammocks with a stand made of wood or steel, in various colors and materials.

Hammock with stand - price

The prices of a hammock with a stand depend mainly on its size and the material it is made of, a large hammock with a wooden stand will be much more expensive than a small one with a metal stand. The canvas of the hammock also has an impact on the price, the most expensive are quilted hammocks with a bar with padded material, the cheapest are classic. Small details such as decorations, FSC certificates or patented suspension systems also shape the final price of the entire set.

Although all hammocks with a stand from our offer are branded, you can distinguish between more expensive and cheaper brands. Sometimes there is only the manufacturer's logo behind it, but much more often the quality and attention to the smallest details, which unfortunately cannot be seen in the product photos.