Hammocks for children

Children's hammock

Children's hammocks are a perfect addition to the arrangement of a girl's or boy's room, regardless of age. Most of us associate a hammock first with lazing around, it's obvious that it's for that purpose. However, in the case of children who spend the day very actively, lying down is a form of regeneration and calm, and a hammock is also a place of refuge from the whole world, literally and figuratively. Little ones need such a place. What else can a hammock be used for in a child's room? First of all, it is for fun, it encourages physical activity and teaches creativity, it can be used in many different ways. A children's hammock develops the sense of balance and motor coordination, which is very important in early childhood.

Hammock in the child's room

Parents more and more often decide to have a hammock in their child's room, apart from its utility function, it brings a lot of freshness to the arrangement and strongly accentuates the childish character of the interior. Can a hammock be hung in every room? On the one hand, it takes up a lot of space (depending on the model, it is from 200 cm to even 280 cm long), but it should be remembered that it can be removed at any time, a hammock is not a heavy piece of furniture placed permanently, as in the case of a desk or wardrobe. If you are about to renovate and are looking for an idea for furnishing a children's room, a very nice idea is to buy a bunk bed on the mezzanine, in the lower part a hammock will fit perfectly.

Is a baby hammock safe?

A very important factor influencing safety is the installation of ropes to the wall, this must be done very carefully and tested before putting into use. Another very important thing is to adjust the height of the suspension to the age, younger children should lie at a maximum distance of 10 cm above the ground. Adult supervision during play is also advisable, of course every child is different and the parent should decide for himself how much he can allow the child. Most hammocks dedicated to the youngest users are devoid of the so-called fastening cords in which the toddler could get entangled. It should also be noted that the hammock does not burden the spine and other parts of the body, and lying in it has a positive effect on body posture.

The hammock for children can also be used in hotel playrooms, kindergartens and playrooms. In such places, safety certificates are often required, and some of the products in our offer can boast of such awards. Our products are also used in sensory therapy and rehabilitation clinics.

What should a children's hammock be made of?

Children have delicate skin and are often accompanied by hypersensitivity or atopic dermatitis. Hammocks should be made of quality cotton, which is soft and does not irritate the skin. The exceptions are products dedicated to outdoor use, for example in the garden, they are made of polyester or a cotton-polyester blend for increased resistance and durability. The dyes used to impart the color must be free of prohibited chemicals and allergic substances. Unfortunately, there are very often cheap products on the market that do not meet any standards and their withdrawal occurs only after the unpleasant consequences of their use.

Summarizing. A hammock for a child is not only a garden toy, but also a practical piece of furniture for the room, which brings many benefits and joy.