Boho Hammocks

Boho hammock

Are you looking for a Boho style hammock? You're in the right place. Our store offers original hammocks and Boho armchairs. These hammocks are distinguished by beautiful decorations in the form of fringes, ruffles and braids, available in various colors, but mainly in white and ecru. They will fulfill a decorative and practical function in Boho-style arrangements, they are extremely comfortable and create a unique atmosphere.

What makes our Boho hammocks unique? First of all, the quality of workmanship, only the best quality materials are used for their production, and their workmanship pleases with every detail. Their production is done manually at every stage, from cotton harvesting to packaging. Original Boho hammocks come from Latin America and are made by indigenous people and women from the Mayan tribe, their knowledge of this craft goes back centuries and is passed down from generation to generation.