To be able to fully enjoy your hammock, you first need to find the right place for it. On the one hand, we should ensure sufficient space, and on the other hand, we should ensure that there is a suitable fastening system. It is often forgotten when assembling a hammock that the more space it has to hang freely, the more comfortable it is to lie in.

An overview of the possible suspension variants:

Hammock hung between the trees

The most classic variant of attaching a hammock is to hang it between two trees. Depending on the size of the hammock, the trees should be at least three meters apart and strong enough to support your body weight. In order to hang a hammock between two trees, two ropes are required, which are wrapped around the tree and then connected to the hammock. If the tree trunks are a little further apart, then the attachment ropes must be placed higher to allow the hammock to hang freely.

Hammock hung between the walls

For hanging a hammock indoors or on terraces, plaster or concrete walls are ideal. In order to attach the hammock to the walls, it is necessary to install hooks, which are connected to the hammock with a rope. In the case of rooms with so-called weak walls, special hooks are available to distribute the load over several wells.

Hanging the hammock from the ceiling

Especially in large rooms with low ceilings, it is advisable to fix the hooks in the ceiling rather than on the wall. Massive beams are just as well suited for this. The hammock attachment variants shown here can be combined in any way - both indoors and outdoors. The imagination of our customers knows no bounds when looking for the perfect place for their hammock!

Space Required

If you have already found a favorite place for your hammock, it is important to check that the available space is sufficient for the size of the hammock in question. The required distance between the two suspension points and the minimum mounting height can be determined using a simple equation: the suspension height (y) should be half the distance (x). If you are looking for a place with more distance between the suspension points, remember to mount the hammock a little higher than usual.

Note: With each additional metre of distance, the fastening system (e.g. hook) must be placed 50 cm higher. Tip: If the hammock seems too short for the place, you can extend it with the ropes that we attach to each end of the hammock. Overview: Attaching hammocks Free-fall material If the hammock is already hanging in place, make sure that it hangs completely freely. An unweighted hammock should take the form of an arch similar to the shape of a banana, because only then does it hang perfectly. Now nothing stands in the way of enjoying the hammock to the fullest.

Tip: If the hammock is too short, it can be extended with ropes that will allow it to take the perfect form of a banana-like bow.

You can find more information about hammock suspension in our blog - HOW TO HANG A HAMMOCK