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Check out our range of hammock chairs and Brazilian chairs.

These seats, unlike traditional hammocks, take up much less space, so you can hang them even in a small space. Hammock seats will find their use almost anywhere, in the garden suspended from a tree branch, on the terrace, on the balcony and finally indoors where they are most popular. It is thanks to their relatively small size that you can enjoy your own hammock in the living room, bedroom or children's room.

Regardless of the style of your arrangement - find the model for you thanks to a wide option of colors, designs and accessories.

Relaxation and healthy rest - hammock chairs set an amazing mood that helps you really relax and not just "take a break". The position of the body in a hammock does not strain the spine and allows you to recover better.

Hammock chair and Brazilian

Hammock or swing in a child's room?

Why not! This is a great idea for a modern arrangement of a girl's or boy's room, but not only....

- shape the sense of balance and develop motor coordination

- help to discharge excess energy and encourage physical activity

- teach creativity while playing

- provide a safe shelter from the world, not only metaphorically but also literally

- provide a comfortable place to rest and laze around

- shape aesthetic sensitivity and teach functionality

Hammocks and cocoons are also used in the rehabilitation of children by sensory integration and psychomotor therapy.

Hanging chairs have never been as popular as in recent years. They can be found almost everywhere and interior design magazines even love them. They are an excellent decorative element for any kind of interior design and gardens, and they can also increasingly be found in hotels, cafes and spa areas. In addition to their aesthetic qualities, they have many positive features that affect our well-being, mainly due to their gentle rocking: they are great for relaxing, relaxing muscles, making it easier to fall asleep and stimulating deep sleep.

In the offer of our store we have various types of hanging chairs, but those made of wood deserve special attention. Wooden hanging armchairs are durable, natural, elegant and, most importantly, versatile. Wood blends very well with almost any material used in construction and furniture making.

Each hanging chair comes with a comfortable cushion.

Hanging chairs

Many people associate camping with a tent, but in recent years many outdoor enthusiasts have begun hanging travel hammocks instead of pitching tents. Camping and hiking of various kinds with a hammock is a growing phenomenon among survivalist, mountain, forest or even bicycle enthusiasts. A travel hammock, unlike a tent, is much lighter, easier and faster to set up and, importantly, will fit even in a small backpack.

They can be optionally equipped with mosquito nets, tarps and thermal inserts. It all depends on where you are going.

Want to try a hammock adventure? Check out what we can offer you.

In the offer of our store we have various types of survival hammocks and dedicated accessories for them, which will make relaxation more pleasant and easier to hang.

We cooperate with such brands as Amazonas, La Siesta, Eno Hammock, Ticket To The Moon, Cacoon and many others.

Survival hammocks

Garden hammocks blend perfectly with garden architecture and vegetation, this is thanks to natural materials and colors inspired by nature. Hanging on a wooden stand or between trees, they look exceptionally elegant.

They owe their comfort to their simple design, practically unchanged for centuries. Lying or sitting in a hammock one does not feel restrained, seduced or numb. The canvas forces you to assume a natural position, which guarantees perfect relaxation surrounded by nature.

Hammocks are beginning to replace classic garden lounge furniture, a little due to fashion and their popularity, but also due to their unbeatable comfort, as our customers have already found out.

And will you be convinced to get a hammock for your garden?

Do you not have strong enough trees in your garden, or no trees at all? Don't want to rest in one place all the time? Or maybe you want to take your hammock with you on vacation?

A hammock stand will be a recipe for that!

The stand will come in handy when it is not possible to hang a hammock between trees, or other stable structures. A huge advantage is also its mobility, you can choose any place to rest depending on the weather, mood and other circumstances. In summer and spring the rack will naturally serve in the garden and in autumn you can use it on the terrace or even indoors. Compact frames can be taken with you on a holiday trip or an out-of-town excursion, a model with the option of quick assembly without tools will be an added convenience.

We offer dedicated stands for all types and sizes of hammocks, both metal and wooden.

Hammock sets

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