Travel hammocks

Travel hammock

Travel hammocks are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions but also easy and quick assembly and disassembly. Their size after packing is also important, and on an extreme expedition there is no question of excess luggage. Our offer includes a series of La Siesta, Amazonas Ultra Light and Ticket To The Monn travel hammocks made of ultra-light material used in the production of parachutes. Trilobal nylon is characterized by low weight and very high load resistance.

Travel Hammocks

Travel hammocks are a great idea for an overnight stay or rest while travel in the mountains and forest, but not only. Hammocks are becoming more and more popular among people practicing various sports disciplines that require covering long distances or spending the night in nature. Unlike a tent, a hammock can be packed even into a small backpack and enjoy a comfortable rest. Hammocks are also used on yachts and ships, there are no limitations, only two stable attachment points are enough. And if your flight is delayed, you may be tempted to set up a hammock at the airport.

Survival Hammocks

Survival hammocks are increasingly a must-have item on your list of things you need when camping and camping. There's nothing better than relaxing in an outdoor hammock. Additional accessories will adapt the hammock to climatic conditions, the store's offer includes rain canopies, insect protection nets and thermal inserts. A hammock with additional accessories can be used both in winter and summer, also in tropical conditions. Most models, after loosening the cords at both ends, can be used as a beach or picnic blanket.

Hammocks come in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors. It can be easily adapted to the environment in which it will be used or even camouflaged. Not all travel hammocks come with suspension accessories, you should pay attention to this before buying.

A travel hammock is also an interesting gift idea for a survival lover and people who spend time actively.