Hammocks with spreader bar

Hammock with spreader bars

A hammock with spreader bar is one of the most popular hammock models, it looks very elegant and emphasizes its presence, but above all, it is very comfortable. Wooden bars add charm and ensure the appropriate tension of the material, making it more stable. It is easier to lie down on a hammock with spreader bar, and getting down is not difficult, because the canvas is more taut. If you are looking for an original hammock with spreader bar, you have come to the right place. In this category you will find many models in various colors, including two-person hammocks and garden hammocks with spreader bar.

Hammocks with spreader bar

Hammocks with a bar are designed for users who are looking for a comfortable piece of garden furniture or for holiday trips and trips outside the city. The bars placed at both ends stretch the material, making it flatter and tighter, which is why these models are the most popular choice for tanning enthusiasts. The canvas yields less under the weight of the user, so the material does not curl into the so-called cocoon. Hammocks with a bar, unlike traditional ones, look very elegant, even if they hang loosely without weight.

In the store's offer we have only proven hammocks with a bar from brands such as La Siesta, Koala, Tropilex and Amazonas.

Garden hammock with spreader bar

This type of hammock is primarily characterized by increased resistance to outdoor conditions such as rain, humidity and UV rays. It should be remembered that these are not waterproof hammocks, but quick-drying, and thanks to the rapid evaporation of moisture, there is no risk of damaging the material. The wooden rods on both sides are impregnated and also very resistant and durable. There are several types of materials from which hammocks for the garden are made: blends of cotton with artificial fibers, polyester, olefin and acrylic dralon.

Hammocks with a bar are an excellent idea for arranging a relaxation place in the garden, in addition to the leisure function, they create an amazing atmosphere and are an interesting decoration.

Double hammock with spreader bar

In our offer you can find a very large selection of models dedicated to two people, they are wide enough and have increased load resistance, so that you can safely and comfortably rest in them for two. Thanks to this type of furniture, you can have a good time in the company of a loved one or relax together with your children by reading a book to them. There are a lot of possibilities.

A 2-person hammock with a bar also means more comfort even if you are resting alone, the larger size of the canvas gives you more freedom when changing position and less fear of falling out. It is worth considering buying such a model, even if you plan to use it alone.

Hammock with or without a spreader bar?

This is a question that is asked very often. It is difficult to answer them unequivocally, among our customers there are supporters of both models. On a model with a bar, you lie more flat, which does not mean that the material does not collapse at all, but definitely less, so it will be perfect if you like sunbathing. For younger children, we advise against this model due to the fact that it is easier to fall out of it, the material does not create such deep side "walls" as in the classic model. As for comfort, both are certainly very comfortable and there is no point in comparing them in this respect.