Hammocks - universal and timeless lounge furniture

Laze in a hammock, both at home and in the garden, is something that everyone should experience in life. Hammocks come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, made of different materials. Each offers exceptional comfort and practicality, through rocking they allow for a high sense of relaxation and unwinding. Regardless of whether you are looking for a classic hammock, with a spreader bar, a travel hammock or a set with a stand, you will surely find something for yourself in our store. We offer only original hammocks from well-known brands: La Siesta, Amazonas, Vivere, Koala, Jobek, Tropilex and many others. All of them have a manufacturer's warranty and are made of the highest quality materials, they are certainly hammocks for many years.

What to consider when choosing a hammock?

At first glance, hammocks do not differ much from each other, except for the color scheme, of course. However, there are a few notable features that you should tailor to your needs, here are a few of them:

The size of the hammock - do you like to relax alone or maybe in the company of another person? If you choose a small hammock, you won't invite anyone to it, except maybe a dog or a cat. Also consider a place to hang it in your house or garden, sometimes the distance between trees or walls puts some limitations.

Permissible load - with a single hammock there is usually no such problem, but with a double or family hammock, it is worth adding up the weight of all the people who can potentially relax together. It is very important that because it directly affects safety, remember that falling from a hammock does not always end with laughter.

Hammock type - With or without a crossbar? This is probably the question most often asked by our customers. With a crossbar, it will certainly work better when sunbathing, the material does not collapse so much thanks to the expansion by the wooden bars. The classic one, on the other hand, will be more comfortable if you plan to sleep in a hammock, it is a bit more difficult to get into it, but it is a matter of technique that will work itself out after a few days. 

Material - One may be tempted to say that there is no division into garden hammocks, for the room or for the balcony. No matter what it's made of, it can be hung almost anywhere, that's the truth. We have created such a division in our online store, why? Hammocks made of artificial materials or polyester-cotton blends will work better outdoors, are more resistant and dry faster. Those made of cotton cannot be often soaked to a dry thread, they take longer to dry and poorly dried material knives begin to deteriorate, for this reason they will work better indoors or under a roof. However, this does not mean that the cotton model cannot be used, for example, in the garden, however, it should be taken care of more and hidden or protected from heavy rain.

Before buying, think about where and how the hammock will be used, whether you are able to protect it and sometimes devote some time to it.

Colors and design - It's a matter of taste, and as you know, tastes are not discussed, so let's talk about it briefly. We offer hammocks with multi-colored stripes and single-color hammocks with subdued colors. Simple or with decorations in the form of frills, macramé and Colombian braids, these are more often chosen by representatives of the fair sex.

Hammocks in white, ecru and black are very popular. A large selection will certainly allow you to find a hammock that suits your taste.

Hammock - Price

The prices of hammocks in our store vary greatly, what does it depend on?

As it happens in any industry, prices may vary depending on the manufacturer, despite seemingly small differences. All hammocks from our offer are branded and original, their originality in this case means traditional, often handmade in Brazil, Colombia or Mexico. These are not hammocks made by machine in China from the lowest quality materials - they have little in common with real hammocks.

The biggest impact on the price of a hammock is its size and additional decorations, models with a padded interior (quilted) can also cost more. 

In the second place, the price is determined by small details. Not all cotton is the same, it can be organic or recycled, and the rod can be pine or bamboo. The materials are often certified (Oeko-tex/FSC), which also contributes to increased costs.

Hammock sets are the most expensive, as they consist of a hammock and a stand made of wood or steel.

If you are looking for a real hammock made according to the art of high-quality materials, then you are in the right place. Our hammocks will provide you with maximum comfort, a lot of fun and trouble-free use for many years.

Benefits of having a hammock

A hammock is often associated with the beach, sun and holidays. And it's very good that a hammock is associated with relaxation, but is it worth using it outside of holidays? Of course it is:)

1) A hammock in the garden can be used as both a sun lounger and an chair, you lie down when you feel like taking a nap or a longer rest,  you sit down (across) if you just want to take a breather between mowing the grass and cleaning the pool. And if you have children and you want to have a moment of peace, it is enough to set up a hammock for them, children love them. A hammock is also an interesting decoration and complement to a modern garden arrangement, not to mention the envious glances of the neighbors.

2) Don't have a garden? It doesn't matter, the hammock can be hung on the balcony or terrace without any problems. Imagine that you come home after a hard day at work, you lose your strength and you don't want to leave your apartment, and the sun is shining outside the window. All you have to do is open the door and relax.

3) Since October, when the sun sets earlier and the weather outside is not pampering, we often feel powerless and we are overwhelmed by autumn sadness, fortunately there is a recipe for this. Guess what? Until recently, an indoor hammock was beyond the reach of our imagination, but now probably everyone knows someone who uses it in their own home. It doesn't have to be a classic hammock if you don't have a lot of space, a hanging hammock attached to the ceiling will suffice. It is perfect for the living room and bedroom, and in addition to its practical function, it will nicely decorate the interior. Your favorite music or book, a cup of aromatic coffee and a hammock, what more do you need to be happy?

4) A hammock is a great place to meet. A couch in front of the TV or chairs at the table do not create such a pleasant atmosphere for conversations or simply being with each other. Gentle rocking in a hammock and a feeling of relaxation promotes a good mood and allows you to have a good time, it is very important nowadays when we are constantly chasing something.