1. Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy sets out the rules for the collection, processing and use of personal data obtained by Ecom Grzegorz Kieł with its registered office in Siemianowice Śląskie, postal code 41-106, B.Prusa 1B lok.12 (hereinafter referred to as the Online Store), operating the store at address (hereinafter referred to as the Website). The Online Store makes every effort and takes all necessary measures to ensure that your privacy is respected and that the personal information provided is protected when using the Website and making purchases within the store.

2. What data does the online store collect automatically when using the Website?

The Online Store does not automatically collect any data, except for the data contained in cookies during the use of the Website. Cookies are small text files sent by an online store and stored on your computer containing certain information related to your use of the Website and the Online Shop. Cookies are used by the online store to operate the Website and provide you with interesting information and during the purchasing process, e.g. to remember your purchases. Cookies used by the online store can be temporary or permanent. Transient cookies are deleted when you close your browser, while persistent cookies are stored even after you have finished using the Website and are used to store information such as your password or login, which makes it faster and easier to use the Website. In any case, you can prevent the installation of cookies or delete permanent cookies by using the appropriate options of your web browser. In case of problems, we advise you to use the help file of your browser or contact the manufacturer of the browser you are using. In addition to cookies, the online store may also collect data customarily collected by administrators of online systems as part of the so-called logs or log files. The information contained in the logs may include,, your IP address, the type of platform and web browser, your Internet service provider, and the address of the website from which you accessed the Website. Some pages of the Site and other means of communication with you may contain so-called "web beacons." (so-called electronic images). Web beacons allow us to receive information such as the IP address of the computer on which the web beacon was loaded, the URL number of the page, the time the page was loaded, the type of browser, as well as information contained in cookies, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising. This data will be archived and used for statistical analysis purposes and to evaluate the global traffic of the Website's users. This data will not be merged with the personal data you have provided.

3. What data does the online store collect when registering and making purchases?

The Online Store will collect the following personal data from you through the Website and other forms of communication in the case of making purchases and registering on the Website: 1) surname and first name, 2) address of residence, 3) e-mail address, 4) telephone number. Providing the above data is voluntary, but necessary to register and purchase on the Website. Providing the above data is voluntary and requires your consent and is necessary only for the implementation of the purposes indicated above. We would like to point out that you do not have to provide this data if you do not want to use the options indicated above. You have the right to access your personal data and the right to correct them. In order to exercise this right, please use the options within your account or from the following address:, phone number +48 502 921 444.

4. Marketing of the Online Shop If you have given your consent (newsletter subscription), the e-mail address and phone number provided by you will be used for marketing purposes of your own products. The consent may be withdrawn at any time.

5. Disclosure of information In order to perform the contract, the online store may share the data collected from you with the following entities: courier companies, payment systems, manufacturers and distributors (if the order is processed from an external warehouse). In such cases, the amount of data transferred is limited to the required minimum. If you wish to revoke your consent in this regard, please send this information to In addition, the information you provide may be made available to the competent public authorities if required by applicable law.

6. Technical measures and your obligations The online store makes every possible effort to secure your data and protect it from the actions of third parties. We use all necessary security measures on servers, connections and the Website to protect your data. All connections related to your electronic payments, if you choose this option, will be made over a secure encrypted connection. However, the measures we have taken may not be sufficient if you do not follow the safety rules yourself. In particular, you must keep your login and password to the Website confidential and not share them with third parties. Please note that the online store will not ask you to provide them, except for providing them when logging in to the Website. In order to prevent unauthorized persons from using your account, please log out after you have finished using the Website.

7. How can you exercise your rights?

You have the ability to view and edit your data at any time within the Website, after logging in with your email address and password. If you forget your password or have any other problems logging in, please contact us at: You have the right to request information about the content of the data stored about you, as well as the right to request that the data be changed, blocked or deleted, as well as the right to correct errors, supplement or update your data. You also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes. To do so, please contact us at:

8. Questions and Objections If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please visit:

9. Use of a web analysis system The Website uses the web analysis system Google Analytics, which can be used to create user profiles under a pseudonym. Google Analytics uses cookies for this purpose. The system is used to continuously improve the service

The above privacy policy is consistent with the store's terms and conditions and is an integral part of it.

If you believe that the presence of cookies violates your privacy, you can disable them at any time, either for a specific website or for all connections from your browser.

In Mozilla Firefox - in the "Tools" menu, select "Options" and then select the "Privacy" tab. Your browser gives you the option to indicate that you do not want to be tracked at all or to delete individual cookies from individual websites.

In Microsoft Internet Explorer - in the "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options" and then the "Privacy" tab. You can use a special slider to adjust the overall level of privacy or use the "Sites" button to manage the settings of individual websites.

In Google Chrome - in the menu hidden under the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner of the browser, select "Tools" and then "Clear browsing data...". In addition to being able to clear cookies, there is a "More Info" link that takes you to a detailed description of your browser's privacy features.

In the Opera browser, click on the "Opera" button - in the upper left corner, open the menu and select "Settings" and then "Clear browsing history...". In addition to the option to delete cookies that have already been set, there is also a button "Manage cookies..." leading to more advanced options for individual sites.

In the Apple Safari browser - in the "Safari" menu, select "Preferences" and in it the "Privacy" tab. You will find numerous options regarding cookies.

On mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices - each phone model may support this function in a different way. Therefore, we encourage you to review the privacy options in the documentation on your mobile device manufacturer's website.