Chair stands - wooden

Wooden stands for hanging, hammock and brazilian chairs.

Hanging an chair to the ceiling in a room or to a tree branch in the garden is not always as easy as it seems. Sometimes there are no or no trees in the garden, and there are no other stable structures at the right height. In the room it seems simple, but it is enough that the ceiling is suspended or made of questionable materials (very old construction). In such situations, a wooden stand will work best to hang the chair.

With the help of the stand, you can hang various types of hanging furniture such as hammock chairs, Brazilian chairs, swings and classic hanging chairs made of wood, rattan or wicker.

In the room and in the garden

A great advantage of wooden stands is the possibility of enjoying a hanging piece of furniture all year round. In summer and spring, it will be perfect placed in the garden or on the terrace, and on colder days it can be moved to the room or balcony. All our stands are professionally impregnated, you don't have to worry about them being damaged by rain and other external factors.

Will your chair fit into a stand from our range?

The easiest way is to match the hammock chair to the stand, all you have to do is compare the height of both products. A hammock chair is a material hung on a wooden bar, you don't have to worry that it will rub against the stand.

The situation is different in the case of chairs made of wood or rattan, often a poorly chosen one rubs against the structure of the stand. If the chair is from our offer, we always suggest in the product card which stands fit a given model. However, if your chair was purchased in another store, we suggest that you contact us in order to choose the right stand.

chair stands in public places

Stands for a hanging chair are perfect for various types of public places. More and more often they can be found in waiting rooms, SPA rooms, hotels and café gardens. Recently, more and more schools and universities have decided to arrange a relaxation zone for their pupils and students, resting in such a place certainly has a positive effect on the acquisition of knowledge. The Libero shopping centre in Katowice has created an unusual Chill Out zone at Plac Radości, where you can relax on unusual chairs suspended on wooden stands.