Garden Hammocks

Garden hammock

A hammock is a great idea for arranging the garden and the space around the house, it is much more comfortable than traditional garden furniture and allows you to relax in a lying or sitting position. In addition to its practical function, it will also serve as an elegant decoration that will enliven the garden and create a unique atmosphere. Our store offers a large selection of original garden hammocks, with various types, sizes and a very wide range of colors to choose from.

Garden Hammocks

Garden hammocks should be characterized by increased resistance to moisture, UV rays and outdoor conditions. However, to ensure that the garden hammock is not made entirely of artificial fibers, manufacturers use blends of cotton and polyester. Depending on the make and model of the hammock, these proportions may vary. Polyester makes the hammock canvas more resilient, lighter and creases less. However, the most important features of polyester that affect the properties of a garden hammock are resistance to mold, fungi, UV rays and moths, greater strength and longer lasting color. And the last most important feature is low water absorption, the hammock will dry much faster if it gets wet by rain. In our store's offer you can also find garden hammocks made of 100% artificial fibers, thanks to appropriate chemical processes they imitate cotton or thin wool deceptively, there is no need to worry about their quality. Garden hammocks, in addition to their durability and resistance, have a wide range of colors that are perfect for outdoor arrangements, very often inspired by colors found in nature. 

Cotton garden hammock

Do the above-mentioned features of cotton-polyester hammocks mean that hammocks made of 100% cotton will not work in the garden? Cotton hammocks can be used as hammocks for the garden. Hammocks are a very versatile piece of lounge furniture and can be hung almost anywhere. However, it should be remembered that they should not be exposed to very frequent rainfall, and if they get wet, they should be dried well before rolling up or storing them after the season. You should also keep in mind that a cotton garden hammock will take longer to dry, which can prolong the wait for your rest. There are, of course, ways to avoid getting the hammock wet, you can buy a suitable cover or make one yourself, it's nothing complicated. You can also, if time allows, pull down the hammock at night or before the rain comes. If you really like natural materials and dream of a garden hammock, you can go ahead and choose a model made of cotton.

Which garden hammock to choose?

If you are at the stage of buying a garden hammock, but you are not sure about the right decision, we encourage you to contact our store staff by phone. We will try to dispel your doubts and answer all your questions. We will also try to briefly describe the properties of different types of hammock models for the garden.

Garden hammocks with wooden crossbars

This model of garden hammock is characterized by a flatter surface, this is thanks to the wooden bars that stretch the material across. Of course, the material collapses slightly when loaded, but the edges of the material do not close the hammock from the top. We recommend this model to people who like to sunbathe and expose their whole body to the sun. It is also easier to lie down and get off such a hammock. Unfortunately, the user on a hammock with a bar is more likely to fall, precisely because of the flatter surface. Falls are rather rare, but we do not recommend this model for younger children. 

Traditional garden hammocks

Classic garden hammocks, unlike those mentioned above, do not have wooden bars, which means that the user sinks more into it, and the hammock resembles a cocoon when loaded. On this type of hammock you should lie in the so-called diagonal position, i.e. simply speaking diagonally, but in practice every hammock lover finds his favorite position after some time. A classic hammock is a bit more difficult to get in and out of (at the beginning of use). We recommend this model to people who like more cozy places to relax and children. A traditional hammock takes up much less space when folded, unlike its predecessor, taking it with you to the park or on vacation will be less of a problem.

Rope and mesh garden hammocks

Garden hammocks made of mesh or strings come in both versions described above (with and without a bar), and their properties remain unchanged in this case. Mesh and string hammocks are distinguished primarily by much greater breathability, thanks to better air circulation through large holes. They will work better on very hot days. Mesh garden hammocks are usually much more flexible, which supposedly affects their greater comfort (they are considered the most comfortable in the world), allegedly because opinions are divided on this subject. Among the lovers of hammocking are supporters of various models of hammocks.

Garden hammocks come in a variety of sizes

Garden hammocks, like any other type of hammock, can be purchased in three sizes:

Single Garden Hammocks

The single-person version is designed to be fully comfortable for one adult or two smaller children. Its permissible load (depending on the model) varies between 100 and 130 kilograms. Not large dimensions allow you to hang the hammock even in a small space.

Double garden hammocks

The 2-person garden hammock is the most popular model, undoubtedly because of the possibility of relaxing with a loved one. This hammock has an average load of around 160 kilograms, which allows it to be safely used by men and women of average weight.

XXL garden hammocks

The large garden hammocks in XXL size are designed for use by the whole family, the number of people is basically limited only by the permissible load (about 200 kilograms) and the space inside the hammock. In practice, such a hammock can fit a 2+1 family or 2+2 in the case of younger children. A double garden hammock already needs quite a lot of space to hang it, before buying, it is worth measuring the available mounting points in the garden well.

Where to hang a garden hammock

Each garden is different, has different vegetation and architecture, and in each there are different possibilities of hanging a hammock. When buying a garden hammock, you should plan its placement in advance, assess the durability of the structure and carefully measure the distances between the suspension points. It should be taken into account that hammocks can increase in length by about 5 to 15 % after some time, some brands produce garden hammocks so that they reach their target size after some time. Most garden hammocks in our store have a so-called minimum installation width, which should make it much easier to choose the right one.   There are several places where you can most often hang a hammock:

Garden hammock between the trees

Hanging a hammock between two trees is the most popular way, provided of course that there are trees in the garden. The trees should have a diameter of at least 30 cm and be well-rooted and, above all, healthy. Two cords and possibly two carabiners are enough for mounting, but if you care about comfort, safety certificates and the possibility of easy adjustment, we recommend dedicated mounting kits (available in our store).

Garden hammock between elements of garden architecture

To hang a hammock, you can use the beams of gazebos, terraces or pergolas. Of course, as in the case of trees, their strength must be evaluated. You can also use one side of the tree and another element on the other. As above, you will need ropes and possibly hooks with a wood eyelet.

Garden hammock between wooden beams

In the absence of trees in the garden, you can bury two wooden beams in the ground, of course, burying alone will not be correct, you must use a suitable anchor for this or pour concrete at the right depth. Two hammocks with eyelets should be screwed into the beams, which will be connected to the hammock via ropes. Such a solution is relatively inexpensive, provided that we make it ourselves. Keep in mind that beams without a suspended hammock may not look very attractive.

Garden hammock suspended on a stand

Another way to hang a hammock in a garden that lacks trees and other structures is to buy a hammock stand made of wood or steel. In the case of a stand, you no longer have to worry about the mounting itself, each stand has it included. The biggest advantage of the stand is the ability to carry it anywhere. A garden hammock on a stand (especially a wooden one) looks really beautiful.