Hammocks with mosquito net

Hammock with mosquito net

Travel hammocks with a mosquito net are very popular, not only among experienced travelers but also among hammock enthusiasts. Hammocks are most often used in spring and summer, when insects bother us the most, not only the buzzing ones but also the biting, stinging and stinging ones. And if you are going to tropical countries with a hammock, a mosquito net is a must, as it is the only one that will protect you against insect bites that often transmit dangerous diseases.

What hammocks with mosquito net can we offer you?

In our store's offer we have professional models integrated with mosquito nets, which work well on extreme expeditions and in tourism. They are designed by brands specializing in the production of hammocks, vast experience and continuous testing allow us to create more and more perfect hammocks with mosquito nets. The Amazonas brand, famous for its ultra-light travel hammocks, can boast the largest number of models. Some of the models have been additionally impregnated with a special insect repellent, which effectively discourages them from sitting on the mosquito net. The mosquito net itself has been designed in such a way that it can be removed and the hammock can be used without it, the suspension is also very well thought out and does not cause difficulties in use and during assembly. If you are going to regions where the temperature drops drastically at night, it is worth getting a model with a pocket for a sleeping pad or other type of warming insert, we also have such hammocks in our offer.

Lightweight travel hammock with mosquito net

If you think that such a set weighs a lot, you are wrong. Thanks to the use of ultra-light materials, the weight of the whole is about 500 grams, depending on the model. Thanks to this, it will not weigh down your luggage too much, and we are aware that the weight of the backpack is very important. An additional advantage is the size when folded, which takes up very little space and the integrated cover allows you to pack everything neatly. Hammocks, despite their low weight, are very durable and resistant to weather conditions, they are not afraid of rain or wind.

Double hammock with mosquito net

Travelling with your partner? No problem. We offer hammocks for two.

There are places where it is impossible to set up two hammocks relatively close to each other, and a night spent a few dozen meters from each other is a pleasure. In such situations, it is better to have a 2-person hammock with a mosquito net, it is wide enough and durable to guarantee comfort and safety.

Garden hammock with mosquito net

There's nothing worse than chasing away insects just as you're about to take a nap. If there are a lot of mosquitoes and various types of flies in your garden, it will be a good idea to get a hammock in a set with a mosquito net. Yes, it is not as beautiful as cotton models decorated with tassels, but it is effective and practical.