Hanging chairs

Hanging chairs

In our store you will find branded hanging chairs in various shapes and made of various types of materials, both those suspended from the ceiling and complete with a frame. Each of the hanging chairs offered has a safe and very durable structure that will look good for many years. Thanks to their universality, the chairs can be hung almost anywhere, in the garden, in the room, on the balcony and even in the living room.

A hanging chair provides many benefits

Thanks to the ability to swing above the ground, a hanging chair provides much better relaxation compared to a classic armchair. Rocking relaxes and helps you calm down, additionally strengthens memory consolidation and, most importantly, leads to better sleep. Apart from its practical function, a hanging chair can also become the main decoration of modern interior and garden arrangements.

Hanging chairs

Types of hanging chairs

Hanging chairs are gaining popularity and more and more often we can find them in various types of interior and garden arrangements. We can distinguish several types that have become a permanent part of our offer:

Hammock hanging chairs, which are made of a wooden bar and cotton or polyester material. They are the most numerous and recognizable group of hanging chairs, they are most often produced in Brazil and Colombia, where they have been inscribed in the national culture and tradition for centuries. Their design, as the name suggests, is based on the construction of a hammock.

Rattan and wicker hanging chairs are characterized primarily by naturalness, and thanks to the materials used, you can get original shapes and fancy patterns. They are very often hosted in rooms designed in the Scandinavian, rustic and Provencal styles.

Suspended chairs made of wood, due to their size and weight, are mainly designed for hanging outdoors and in rooms with a large area. They resemble a ball or oval in shape, which is why they are often called bubbles and balls. They are often equipped with soft cushions that increase the comfort of rest.

The chairs can be hung from chains or ropes to the ceiling or other structure, and if this is not possible, specially designed stands made of wood or metal will come to the rescue. Hanging chairs will work almost anywhere, in living rooms and relaxation rooms, but also in the garden, on the terrace or patio. Increasingly, they can be used in cafés, restaurants and reading rooms. They are very comfortable and offer much more than classic chairs, thanks to the sensation of floating in the air, you can relax deeply and go back to your childhood memories.

The most recognizable hanging chair is the Bubble Chair designed by the famous designer Eero Aarnio in the sixties, its characteristic feature is a transparent material formed into a bubble and the price reaches up to PLN 20,000. A very bold design are hanging chairs made of volcanic lava created by the Maffamfree studio, they are extremely durable and light and, most importantly, 100% ecological. Their form and shape have no limits, any shape can be obtained from lava.

Hanging chair for the room

Hanging chairs are increasingly replacing classic furniture in the living room or living room, they are more comfortable and look much more modern. Of course, if we want to accommodate as many people in a hanging chair as on a sofa, we need several of them, and such a solution can only be afforded in large interiors. That is why a hanging chair is often an accessory that can be used to create a romantic corner in the room to relax with a book or your favorite music. A hanging chair in the room will allow you to rest after a hard day in a different, more relaxing and celebrating moment for yourself. A couch with a TV won't escape.

A room hanging chair is not fundamentally different from those hung outside, they are versatile pieces of furniture that can be enjoyed almost anywhere.