XXL Family Hammocks

A large XXL hammock is a perfect solution if your family is also large or you like to relax in the company of friends. XXL hammocks are characterized by high load resistance and large material size that can comfortably accommodate three adults or parents with children. Relaxing in a hammock in such a large company gives a lot of joy and a sense of unity, brings you closer and dispels all sadness. If you are looking for a large hammock, you are in the right place, we offer quite a lot of them and various types.

Large Family Hammocks

Are you looking for a large hammock that can accommodate your whole family? Or maybe you want to relax with friends? A hammock that will cope with this must be really large and very resistant to loads. Of course, you can find them in our store's offer.

Contrary to appearances, this is a very popular size that a large number of our customers choose. It is characterized by a huge place for lying down, mainly a large width of about 180 cm. Models with a rod are usually slightly narrower due to their different design. The permissible load of such a hammock can be even more than 200 kg. Such large hammocks will work especially well in the garden, where there should be plenty of space for hanging. These models have reinforced edges of the material and a large number of connecting cords, which affects the durability and safety of use.

XXL hammock - how many people can fit in it?

How many people can fit in a hammock depends on several factors. The strength of the hammock should always be taken into account first, it should not be exceeded even if it seems that someone else will fit into it. In the second place, of course, the capacity of the hammock will be important, smaller models will accommodate two adults with a child, and larger ones even 4 adults or a group of toddlers. It is also important how everyone is positioned in the hammock, there should be more space across than along.