Double hammocks

Double hammock

Are you looking for a comfortable two-person hammock? You're in the right place. The two-person hammocks offered in our store are extremely durable and wide enough to comfortably accommodate two adults. Hammocking in the company of a loved one gives you the opportunity to talk, joke and sometimes even discuss more serious matters. Or maybe a short nap? A two-person hammock undoubtedly brings people together, so choose a unique model that will accompany you for many years, providing a lot of joy and an opportunity to laze around in the garden or in your room.

Double hammocks

A double hammock is one of the most popular types of hammock chosen by our customers. Why? There are several reasons for this.

-A 2-person hammock is larger and therefore more comfortable, even if you are single or like to rest alone. It's easier to change position or stretch your legs.

-If you don't need such a large hammock at the moment, it's still worth considering buying a model for two, if in a year there will be a hammock partner or your family will grow, you will avoid unnecessary expenses. Remember that if you choose a smaller model complete with a stand, you will no longer hang a double hammock on it.

- There is nothing better than sharing joy and happiness with another person, and it is rocking in a hammock that evokes such positive emotions in us.

- If you have children, you know very well that lounging without them is almost impossible. There is a chance that the little ones will calm down while rocking and maybe even fall asleep :)

- A large hammock can be used as an chair by sitting on it widthwise. The wide material will serve as a seat and backrest at the same time.

- The price difference between the one-seater and two-seater versions is often small.

Of course, we understand that there are situations where a smaller hammock will work better or it is not possible to hang a larger one. Nevertheless, it is worth considering buying a hammock for two.

What are the types of 2-person hammocks? Depending on the construction, material, purpose and method of suspension, several basic models can be distinguished:

Double garden hammock - characterized by increased resistance to changing weather conditions and is quick-drying. The colours do not fade when exposed to sunlight.

Double hammock with stand - This is a set ready to use almost anywhere, without the need for sufficiently strong trees or other structures. The advantage is the ability to quickly change the place of rest.

Double hammock with mosquito net - If you don't like insects very much, this model will surely appeal to you. Unfortunately, these are most often models designed for trips to tropical countries. They are made of artificial materials.

Double hammock with a bar / crossbar - This model has a more taut material, which means that you lie more flat. It will definitely be better for lovers of sunbathing. One drawback, it is more subversive.

Brazilian double hammock - an original model handmade by Latin Americans. It often has traditional decorations in the form of markram or frills.

Double Rope / Mesh Hammock - Made of cotton or polyester cords, it resembles a fishing net. Very popular in Mexico. It is very stretchy and flexible, for some it is an advantage and for others it is a disadvantage. A definite advantage is high breathability and adequate air circulation during lounging on hot days.

Double travel hammock - aimed at people who spend their time actively, amateur or professional. It is very light, waterproof and takes up little space when folded.

What are the dimensions of a double hammock? There are no standardized parameters, each manufacturer designs them a little differently, but you can take approximate dimensions:

Length - from 300 cm to 370 cm

Width - from 140 cm to 170 cm

Permissible load - from 140 kg to 180 kg

How to lie down in a hammock as a couple? It may seem that this type of lounge furniture is not designed for two people, but if we lie down incorrectly, even alone it will be uncomfortable. It is a rule that in a hammock you lie down in the so-called diagonal position, i.e. diagonally. This position is the most comfortable and guarantees that the canvas is stretched correctly. Taking a diagonal position for two is not so obvious, but to achieve this effect, you should lie on opposite ends and sides of the hammock with your legs pointing towards the middle. Of course, in practice, everyone will find the most comfortable position for themselves and their partner over time, this requires a bit of gymnastics. You can also sit as if on an chair with your legs outside the hammock, this form is becoming more and more popular, after all, you don't always feel like lying down.

A 2-person hammock gives a lot of joy of use and an opportunity to spend time as a couple, with a partner, friend or child. With its help, you can create a romantic corner in the garden or a place to meet and relax. Unlike classic lounge furniture, a hammock is much more comfortable and, importantly, allows you to adopt a healthy and natural body position. To hang it, you need two trees or other stable structures, you can use elements of garden architecture for this. If you have trouble finding the right mounting points, you can use a hammock stand.