Correct body position

If you've never been in a hammock before, be patient when trying out the most comfortable position. But the effort is worth it: you can experience the full comfort of the hammock lying diagonally in the so-called diagonal position.

Beginner hammock enthusiasts tend to lay in it lengthwise. However, this position is not very comfortable, because the back arches (over time it starts to hurt) and the material of the hammock wraps the body so much that the lying person has almost completely obstructed his field of vision.

Ideal position: Diagonal lying in a hammock

By lying diagonally in the hammock, its surface is spread out so that you can relax, look at the sky or simply observe the surroundings.

pozycja w hamaku

Hammock experts agree: The ideal position for lying in a hammock is the diagonal position. In this position, the head is directed in one direction and the feet are directed in the opposite direction. This makes rocking easy and enjoyable, because the body doesn't rock from side to side, but back and forth - like in a rocking chair.