Hammocks and swings for children

Hammocks, swings and hanging hammock chairs for children

This category of the store is dedicated to the youngest users of hanging furniture. The hammocks, swings and hanging hammock chairs for children offered in the store have the appropriate certificates and are safe to use. Depending on the material from which they are made, they can be used in a children's room, kindergarten or playroom, but also outside, in the garden or on the terrace and balcony.


Swinging and rocking are always associated with childhood, every child has spent many unforgettable moments on playgrounds where swings are mandatory. In adulthood, most of us are very happy to sit on a swing if the opportunity arises, it is always accompanied by a good mood and a smile from ear to ear. It is proven that swinging causes the secretion of the so-called happiness hormones, so we can risk saying that swings are a remedy for low mood and various fears that accompany us in everyday life.

Even 30 years ago, hardly anyone had a swing in their own room, if someone had a garden, sometimes parents tried to make one themselves, from a tire or a piece of board. Over time, home swings have become extremely popular and their designs have begun to share some features with hammocks and hanging chairs, sometimes it is difficult to clearly categorize a given product. Currently, we can come across various names: cocoons, rockers, stork nests, caves, hanging tents or hammock chairs - all these products have at least one common feature, which is swinging. Nowadays, a swing or a traditional hammock in a child's room is nothing strange, thanks to it the toddler's room becomes a real paradise and playground.

Are swings and hammocks safe for children?

Despite the fact that branded products often have safety certificates and mounting accessories are extremely durable, we as parents cannot forget about the safety of children. It is very important to buy the right product adapted to the age of the child, for example, the "board" swing is not suitable for children under 3 years of age, the lack of backrest may end up in a fall. A very important issue is also the height of the suspension, which should be adjusted to the height, the child should be able to get off the swing or chair on their own, and in the event of a fall, they should not be very high. The place of hanging should be well thought-out, it should not be near furniture with sharp edges, a radiator or glass cabinets. Small children should always be supervised by an adult or at least an older (responsible) sibling when swinging.

Suspension of swing and children's chair

Hanging a swing or chair is nothing complicated, but it should be taken very seriously. In supermarkets you can find ropes and so-called swing hooks, unfortunately they often do not specify the permissible load they are able to withstand. We recommend branded sets for hanging swings, they are much more expensive but have safety certificates and their purpose and load capacity are clearly described - you can find them in the "accessories" category. Before starting installation, it is important to consider the exact place of hanging, which is safe and provides adequate space around it. Depending on the type of set, the installation to the ceiling itself is different, sometimes it is a one-screw mount and sometimes four-screw mounting. The next step is to connect the ceiling element to the hanging piece of furniture with a rope. Before using it for the first time, the parent should make sure that the swing is properly suspended. A hammock for a child is mounted very similarly, except that it is mounted to the walls and you need two attachment points. It requires much more free space in the child's room, but it should be remembered that the place can be easily regained by removing the hammock, it is not a permanently fixed piece of furniture, and it is the same in the case of chairs.