Stands for hammock and chair

stands and stands for hammocks and hanging hammock chairs

They are perfect for homes, gardens, but most of all in places where it is not possible to hang a hammock or an chair on a tree, ceiling or other durable structure. All offered stands are made of durable materials with a very stable and safe structure that will serve for many years. We have stands dedicated to hammocks and single, double and family chairs, both classic and with a bar.

Which hammock stand to choose? Wooden or metal?

Both models are used to hang a hammock or an chair, regardless of what they are made of. In both cases, the comfort of rest is the same, so how do they differ? 

The most important difference (apart from the material used for production) is the appearance of the stand, a matter of taste, but our customers are much more likely to choose wooden stands, despite another difference, which is the price, wooden ones are much more expensive than metal ones. Of course, the choice may be forced by the style of arrangement or the architect's vision. In interiors in an industrial or minimalist style, a metal stand will be ideal, for the garden a stand made of wood will be a much better choice. 

Another difference is the weight of the stand, the metal ones are definitely lighter, for comparison, the wooden model for 2-person hammocks weighs 32 kilograms and its metal counterpart of the same brand weighs only 15 kilograms. It is worth noting that the other parameters (permissible load and dimensions) are very similar or the same. Metal stands take up less space when folded, they simply have a smaller cross-section of arches.

The last difference is in the way the stand is assembled and disassembled. Wooden ones are screwed together and you need to use tools for this, metal ones usually have PlugTube systems, thanks to which you can assemble the stand faster and without the use of tools.


If you don't care about the looks, choose a cheaper metal stand, instead it will be lighter, which you will feel when moving it from place to place. In a situation where the stand is to be often folded and transported for some reason, a metal one will also be a better choice, it will be dismantled faster and the packaging takes up less space.

A wooden stand will work well if its place is to be in the garden surrounded by plants and other wooden garden structures, this type will fit perfectly into the surroundings and the natural character of the arrangement will be preserved. Wood requires care from time to time, every few years it is worth refreshing it and painting it with impregnation, but it will repay you with a longer life and beautiful appearance. A wooden stand is heavier, but also more stable.

How to choose the right stand size?

We are aware that when buying a hammock stand for the first time, choosing the right size is not so obvious and raises doubts. How do you go about it? 

First of all, if the hammock is from our offer, most of them have information about the so-called "minimum installation width" in the description, for example, let's assume the value of 300 cm. This means that the suspension points must be at least 300 cm apart, in this case the stand must not be shorter than about 320 cm, it should be remembered that the total length of the stand is not equal to the mounting length, a few centimeters are occupied by hooks or other fastening systems. 

However, if there is no information about the minimum width in the description of the hammock, it is very easy to calculate. In the case of classic hammocks (without a bar), about 10 to 12 percent should be subtracted from the total length, for example, a hammock with a total length of 350 cm will need a minimum of about 310 cm to hang it properly. For hammocks with a bar, it can be assumed that the total length equals the minimum width, it will not be an obstacle if the stand mounts are shorter to a maximum of 5% of the total length of the hammock. For example, for a hammock with a 350 cm long bar, a stand with a length of about 370 cm will be suitable.

Of course, the stand can be longer than the calculated value, but you should not overdo it because it may turn out that you will not have a chain to hang, although you can replace it with a longer one or add more, but a small hammock in a huge stand does not look very nice.

Another hint is the nomenclature, often next to the name of the stand there is information that it is for hammocks, for example double hammocks.

In the case of hanging and hammock chairs, the stands should be chosen so that the seat is at least 25 cm above the ground. In this case, it is easy to calculate by having the total length of the chair and the stand. Remember that hammock chairs like to stretch over time, you should take this into account in your calculations and add a safe 10 cm to the length of the chair.

You should also remember about the permissible load, it may turn out that even though the hammock will fit like a glove to the stand, its permissible load will be lower, This is often the case with products that do not belong to one manufacturer. For example, if the stand will have a permissible load of up to 200 kg and the hammock up to 180 kg, then the value of 180 kg should not be exceeded during use.

When buying both products (hammock and stand) in our store, you can use the hints in the hammock product card, there are suggested mounting accessories, including stands. There are models verified by us, then you can be sure that they will fit. Our team also verifies such orders in terms of the correctness of selection.

Do I need to buy additional mounting accessories for the stand?

All stands from our offer are already equipped with accessories for mounting (connecting the hammock with the stand), often it is a patented system integrated with the entire structure (La Siesta and Amazonas brands). Therefore, there is no need to buy additional elements for suspension. 

In wooden stands, we mount the hammock with carabiners and chains, which are also used to adjust the height of the suspension and the tension of the canvas. In metal stands, the hammock is most often mounted "rigidly" with grooves, some models are vertically and horizontally adjustable.

What is the difference between a hammock stand and an chair stand?

Hammock chairs, hanging chairs, stork nests and swings are attached to one point placed above the furniture, hammocks are attached to two points placed on the side on both sides. Due to the large differences in assembly, the stands are also completely different and dedicated to a specific type of hanging furniture, it is not possible to use them alternately. Chair stands take up a lot less space than hammock stands, but they are much taller. In both cases, wooden and metal models are offered. 

What is the difference between a cheap stand and those offered in our store?

The differences in the price  of hammock stands can be large, what influences this? On auction portals such as Allegro and in popular DIY stores, you can find offers that are half the price compared to our products. As with any product, you can find something cheaper, but something cheaper is not the same. The main factor influencing the price is the quality of the stand, and behind the quality is the raw material used in production, its processing and production. At each of these stages, you can do something cheaper, inferior material, unprofessional processing and production by inexperienced workers. Even the packaging may be cheaper, then it will not properly protect the product during transport.

In the case of hammock stands, quality translates directly into the safety of the user, often children. An unexpected fall, even from a small height, can result in serious injuries. Do you remember Marzena Rogalska's fall from a hammock during an episode of PNŚ? It was a cheap stand from the supermarket.

Our stands are made of high-quality materials, and the manufacturers have vast experience in manufacturing them. They are subjected to professional endurance tests. In addition, they are covered by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty, which treats all defects with great responsibility.

All even the smallest parts are available and even during the post-warranty period there is no problem with their replacement and availability. We often receive phone calls asking about hammock parts from the market, unfortunately they do not exist and after the warranty period you can throw such a product in the trash, even if the damage is seemingly not large.

Branded stands are manufactured in such a way that they will serve for many years without losing their properties. You buy once and enjoy a hassle-free experience. Consider whether it is worth spending less on a stand that will cause problems and threaten your safety and that of your loved ones.