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Cacoon Bebo Chili Red Children's...
Cacoon Bebo Chili Red Children's...
Cacoon Bebo Chili Red Children's...
Cacoon Bebo Chili Red Children's...

Cacoon Bebo Chili Red Children's Hanging Tent

Hanging tent / Children's cocoon red

Children's Cacoon Bebo hanging tent with an unusual design inspired by Weaver bird nests. The tent combines the features of a swing, a hanging chair and a classic tent. It is made of a very durable and resistant material used in tourism and sailing (35% cotton / 65% polyester). The hanging tent is perfect for hanging in a child's room or in the garden, after folding it you can take it with you for a weekend or a trip outside the city and observe nature and animals. With the help of Cacoon Bebo, you can create a safe space for your child to hide in while playing or when they need it. In the tent, the child can also relax or read their favorite book, there are many possibilities. Gentle rocking has a positive effect on the development of the sense of balance and calms down.

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Cacoon is also available in a version for adults (single and double) - Welcome to the category Hanging tents

The stands shown in the photos are not a set, they can be purchased separately.

Product Details

Permissible load:
200 kg
65% Polyester 35% Cotton (285g/m2) Resistant to UV rays, water, mold and bacteria. The ring is made of anodized aluminum.
Product Net Weight:
3.5 kg
122 cm
Resistant to weather conditions and UV rays:
122 cm
Product sold
Includes rope (5m) and metal carabiner

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