List of products by brand Hamaki Amazonas

Amazonas Hammocks & Hammock Chairs

Amazonas is a leading manufacturer of Brazilian hammocks, whose products are characterized by a very good value for money. Its experience dates back to 1995, which proves the strength and position of this brand in the world of hammocks.

A special segment in Amazonas' offer are travel hammocks, which are developing much faster in terms of design compared to the competition. What makes them different? Made of ultra-light and very strong material that does not absorb moisture and gadgets such as mosquito nets, rain canopies or odorless insect repellents for various types of insects, which is soaked in the hammock material. Amazonas travel hammocks will certainly meet not only survival enthusiasts, but above all professionals planning a trip to remote corners of the globe.

Another highly developed segment of Amazonas are hammock chairs, also known as Brazilian or simply hanging chairs. The chairs are produced in various colors (striped and solid) and sizes (from a single seat to one of the largest on the market, Brasil Gigante). These chairs are an alternative to a hammock and will certainly appeal to people who prefer a sitting or semi-reclining way of relaxing. They are perfect for garden arrangements as well as in a fashionable living room or relaxation room.

Amazonas has also specialized in the production of hammocks and chairs for children and babies, which are gaining more and more popularity due to their versatile use: in addition to the obvious fun, you can relax in them, read a book or even take a short nap :) Hammocks are also used in the rehabilitation of children and have a positive effect on psychomotor development and the sense of balance. Hammocks for babies will definitely be helpful in putting your little one to sleep and calming them down.

Finally, we have to list the group of products that have made the Amazonas brand popular, of course, we are talking about traditional Brazilian hammocks. The manufacturer offers them in options with and without a bar, single, double and family. As in the case of chairs, we have a choice of hammocks made of various types of materials: cotton, cotton with admixtures of synthetic materials and EllTex material patented by Amazonas, which is resistant to sunlight, moisture and other external factors.

As you can see, this brand offers quite a large selection of products and despite different needs and tastes, customers should not have much trouble finding the right hammock for themselves.

The whole offer is, of course, complemented by the offer of hammock stands made of wood or steel, as well as mounting accessories.