List of products by brand Hamaki La Siesta

The La Siesta brand is one of the leading manufacturers of hammocks, hammock chairs and stands, which are characterized by modern design and very high durability, you can confidently call them "high-end" products. The company was founded in 1991 in Germany and to this day specializes in the design and manufacture of hammocks.

La Siesta products can be divided into four groups: outdoor, indoor, children's and touring. Of course, these groups do not have strict boundaries and, for example, hammocks or chairs intended for home use can be successfully hung in the garden or taken on an expedition. This division is mainly due to the materials used in production.

La Siesta focuses on sustainable development, which is why most hammocks are FCS, GOTS and SOCiLA certified.

FSC – an abbreviation for Forest Stewardship Council® means that the wood used for production comes from a tree stand cultivated according to very strict, ecological criteria, which do not allow to disturb the CO2 balance in the world.

GOTS – an abbreviation for Global Organic Textile Standard, hammocks with this certificate have been manufactured from the cultivation of raw materials to packaging and distribution in an environmentally friendly way, but also in a way that is responsible to society.

SOCiLA is an initiative of Alexander Grisar (founder of La Siesta) that promotes the organic cultivation of organic cotton in Latin America and draws attention to sustainable development around the world.

La Siesta also attaches great importance to products dedicated to the youngest users. All hammocks, swings and chairs for children and babies are made in a way that ensures maximum safety and are TUV certified. The materials used for production are natural and free of chemical dyes.

The mounting systems used to hang hammocks and chairs also have appropriate safety certificates and are made of the highest quality materials, mostly resistant to external factors and weather conditions.

Hamaki La Siesta, depending on the style in which they are designed, are produced in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and India. Mounting kits and stands are manufactured in Germany and Poland.

Complaints – since the beginning of our cooperation with the La Siesta brand, there have been only a few complaints and, to our surprise, they were dealt with in an instant and stress-free manner for our customers, which is unfortunately rare these days.