List of products by brand Czillo

Lounge furniture Czillo

Czillo is a Polish manufacturer of wooden lounge furniture for home and garden. The specialty of the Czillo brand is the production of wooden arch structures using the bending and layered gluing method. Thanks to this technique, you can obtain beautiful and unusual forms that are appreciated all over the world. The furniture is 100% manufactured in Poland, which translates into a very high quality of workmanship and trouble-free use.

The top product of Czillo are the SwingPod hanging rockers in a solo version or with a stand, these are ball-shaped hanging chairs with a comfortable cushion included. SwingPods can be used almost anywhere, they can be hung in a room, in the garden, on the terrace or in public places (hotels, restaurants, SPA zones).

Czillo also produces hammock stands and hammocks, which have become very popular in recent years and can be found in almost every home garden. is the official distributor of the Czillo brand.