Hammocks with a stand for arranging the space around the garden pool

In order to fully enjoy the pool in your own garden, you need to take care of the proper arrangement of its surroundings. First, of course, you need to prepare a suitable surface, most often these are non-slip tiles, but you may also be tempted to have a wooden terrace or a beach made of stone granules. The next step is to arrange a lounge area around the pool, which will allow you to relax after getting out of the water. Any kind of seating should be moisture-resistant and free of thick cushions that can absorb water and take a long time to dry.

A great idea for a comfortable piece of furniture by the pool is a hammock with a stand

After getting out of the pool, you can lie down or sit in the hammock without the feeling of "sitting on a sponge", if the hammock canvas does not absorb all the moisture, the excess will simply drain to the ground. The material of the hammock dries quite quickly, so there is a chance to lie down on a dry surface after another bath. Instead of a cotton stand hammock, you can choose a model made of a blend of polyester and cotton, this will guarantee express drying and increased resistance to the elements outside. Hammock stands are also highly resistant to moisture and mold, wooden ones thanks to impregnation and metal ones thanks to powder coating. Thanks to the ability to choose the material of the stand, matching the rest of the furniture (for example, a table) should not cause much of a problem.

hammock with a stand is extremely comfortable, and combined with a surrounding pool and garden plants, you can create the perfect place for relaxation and leisure in your own garden.

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