Original hammocks - See how they are made

Have you ever wondered how original hammocks are made? In this post you'll learn about part of the process in a nutshell and see some photos from the factory.

This is not mass production, as is the case in Chinese factories on behalf of large chain stores. The original hammock is handmade in the traditional way, its production is very time-consuming, every detail is done with great care. Experience passed down from generation to generation is key here.

Selecting the right materials for hammocks

Threads are the basic "ingredient" of a hammock, when selecting them, manufacturers pay special attention to the durability and stability of color, no one wants his hammock to lose its color in the first season. Threads are also tested in laboratories to exclude the presence of substances harmful to health. Often, for environmental reasons, colored threads are made from recycled materials, of course, it all depends on the hammock model.

Hamak - wybór nici

Preparation of the loom for hammock production

Threads are wound onto the loom roll in different ways, depending on the design of the specific hammock or Brazilian chair model. The method of winding has a direct impact on what the pattern will be on the material. At the same time, the same threads are wound on the spindle for the cross yarn.

Produkcja oryginalnego hamaka
Produkcja brazylijskiego hamaka

Few would guess how many threads the original hammock is made of?

The loom master (a very respected profession in Brazil) begins to set up the loom. His task is to carefully tie about 6,000 longitudinal threads, yes six thousand, and he does it all by hand, which takes him a whole day of work. Once the loom is armed with a roll of longitudinal threads, you can move on to the next stage of hammock production.

Hamak ręcznie wykonany

Several hammocks a day on one loom

At the next stage of production, the weaver weaves cross threads, a very time-consuming activity. On one loom he is able to make from 5 to 20 hammocks in one day, the number depends on the type of hammock. The large number of threads and the power of the loom affect the density of the hammock fabric, which in turn affects the stability of the hammock.

Krosno do produkcji hamaka
Fabryka hamaków brazylijskich

Hammock support cords

Meanwhile, support cords are made by hand, traditional crochet machines are used in this activity. The cords are made from the same threads as the hammock canvas. In large hammocks a little more material is used, so the cords are very thick and can withstand a load of almost 300 kilograms.

Hamaki wykonane tradycyjnie
Tradycyjne hamaki
Hamak brazylijski - produkcja
Oryginalny hamak - produkcja

Hammocks are almost ready

The finished fabric is cut into pieces and finished with a loop cord at both ends, the whole thing is hemmed several times with stitching to strengthen the fabric and make it resistant to tearing. The cords are tied carefully to almost finished hammocks, each cord has a different length and must be tied in the right order, so the hanging loop is very strong and the hammock load is balanced. Balancing the hammock is very important, it prevents the hammock from falling out of the hammock when changing position.

Brazylia - Stolica hamaków
Sznury na hamak

Exclusive hammocks from Macrame Veranda are a true work of art

For more exclusive hammocks, you need to prepare a hand-woven macramé in advance, these are decorative valances and tassels that are sewn on the side of the hammock on both sides. Hammocks with macramé, in addition to the function of relaxation, can be the main decorative element in the garden or even at home.

Quality control of the hammock

The hammock is ready, now it's time to thoroughly inspect the whole and evaluate each stage of production. Of course, each hammock prototype is load and tear tested before going into production, all to ensure maximum safety for users.

Test wytrzymałości hamaka

Distribution of hammocks

Packed hammocks go to distributors ( yes that's us :)), where you can buy an original Colombian or Brazilian hammock.

Original hammocks are available in different sizes, colors and designs. Also available are hammocks made of weatherproof threads. If you don't know which hammock will be suitable for your needs, don't hesitate to contact us and we will certainly help.

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