Hammock Meditation

Meditation is not just about taking the lotus position. Meditation is primarily the process of shutting down our brain and cutting ourselves off from the whole world of chaos. Peace and relaxation can be found almost everywhere – on the way to work, lying on the bed or on a walk, but no method is as easy and enjoyable for beginner meditators as rocking in a hammock. Hammock meditation is an easy and effective way to achieve a state of calming an overstimulated and distracted mind. With hammock meditation, you can reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and increase concentration and energy during the day.

Is hammock meditation more effective than any other form? Not quite .

Everyone should find the meditation method that works best. However, due to the excellent properties of the hammock, meditation in it can be much easier to achieve.

Properties of the hammock

When you start meditating, you may find it difficult to avoid distractions. Your eyes may wander around the room and distract you from your main goal.  A hammock is like an open cocoon. Lying in a hammock, you are surrounded on all sides by a thin wall of canvas. This reduces distractions from the outside world. 

Hammocks come in a variety of colors, and colors can have a powerful effect on you. Choose a hammock color that relates to how you want to feel – blue for calming, yellow for energizing.  An environment in the chosen color will be a gentle but clear reminder to your mind of the purpose of the meditation.

Thanks to the mobility of the hammock, you can gain your meditation experiences almost anywhere. There are people who like to meditate outside, surrounded by vegetation, smells, birds singing and the murmur of a stream. These types of external stimuli should not distract anyone.

In the hammock, you can take a very comfortable position that will not burden the spine and other parts of the body. It is very important not to feel any discomfort when entering a meditative state.

During meditation, there may be times when your mind wanders to stressful thoughts or unwanted fears. Studies have shown that gently rocking in a hammock reminds us of a childhood when we were rocked before falling asleep. This condition should prevent thoughts from wandering to the aforementioned fears and unwanted thoughts. People who relax in a hammock achieve a calmer and deeper sleep because of the calm that rocking brings. In the same way, it can improve your meditation practice and help you avoid stressful thoughts. 

How to Meditate in a Hammock

Many professionals have dedicated their entire lives to interpreting what meditation is. After a few months or years of practice, you may still have a hard time figuring out what you're actually doing. Regardless, meditation is a process of disconnecting from stress, fear, and anxiety . Don't expect specific results from meditation, just practice it if it improves your quality of life.

To meditate in a hammock, hang it in a quiet and familiar place. It could be your room, your garden, or a little-frequented spot in the park. Limit distractions, make sure that nothing around you disturbs your peace.   There are no hard and fast rules for meditation, so bring a blanket, pillows, and a cup of hot tea or whatever else you think you need. If you want to put on some music, do it. Just make sure it doesn't distract you from achieving the affirmation.  Get into the hammock and take as much time as needed to find a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take a deep, conscious breath.  If you're having a hard time turning off your mind, focus on the immediate things – rocking your hammock or the rhythm of your breathing. Your goal is not to nap, but if you start to fall asleep, don't try to fight it. Apparently, that's what your body needs at this point, and it's part of the process. 

Establish a meditation routine in your hammock to improve both your mental and physical state.

Which hammock to choose for meditation?

Choose the one you feel best in. Everyone has different predispositions, for one person a classic hammock will be more comfortable and for another a hammock chair.

In a classic hammock, you can lie down or sit across the fabric. If you like to meditate in the open air in a place where there is no shortage of trees to hang, this model will certainly be suitable. However, if you prefer to meditate in a room, the editing options may be a limitation.

hamak medytacja

Hammock chairs are perfect for indoor meditation, they only need one point of suspension in the ceiling or on a ceiling beam. Such an chair can also be hung on a wooden or metal stand, such a set can be easily moved anywhere in the house or placed in the garden or on the terrace. In a hammock chair you can take a sitting or semi-reclining position, in larger models you can fit your entire legs.

medytacja fotel hamakowy

Hanging tents cacoon are very popular among meditators. A very interesting product inspired by the nests of Weaver birds. There is enough space in the Cacoon that you can take any position in it.

cacoon namiot medytacja