A hammock at home is an excellent idea!

There are many possibilities to assemble and find the right place, it all depends on your ingenuity. We will present a dozen or so reasons why you should get yourself a hammock in your apartment:

1) A hammock is the perfect way to laze around and a good excuse from household chores. A few minutes of relaxation to "reset" and clear your mind, relax tired muscles and dream things you never have time for. Truly, those few minutes can make all the difference in your day!

2) Do you look out the window and it's grey, dull and cold, do you miss warm days? In the hammock you can create an atmosphere like on the Copacabana beach, all you need is a drink with an umbrella, music and a colorful bikini (don't forget to turn on the radiators)

3) A hammock at home is sure to make your friends visit you more often. Of course, provided that everyone can fit in, so it is worth thinking about a family or two-person version. It's the perfect place for long conversations and fun.

4) A hammock is recommended for diseases and back pain, but remember to consult it with your doctor and choose a branded model (those from the market may have the opposite effect).

5) A hammock is an interesting place to spend a romantic evening with your other half. According to Venezuelan writer Carlos Torrealba, there are more than 60 ways to love in a hammock. You can get to know a few of them at: https://redaccion.lamula.pe/2015/06/18/el-kamasutra-de-los-antiguos-mayas/gianaguero/

6) Someone visits you unexpectedly and you need to spend the night. The hammock can be used as a guest bed in an emergency. All you have to do is hang it up and put the bedding in, and roll it up in the morning and put it in the cupboard. I can't imagine a smaller bed.

7) Do you like afternoon naps? A hammock will be the perfect place, you don't have to make your bed or occupy the couch, where most often there is no space anyway.

8) Do you suffer from insomnia? Researchers from the University of Geneva in Switzerland have found that you fall asleep faster in a hammock, but also a gentle rocking motion positively changes the nature of sleep. It is commonly believed that rocking causes sleep: we irresistibly fall asleep in a rocking chair, and we have been putting our children to sleep this way since time immemorial.

9) A hammock is a perfect addition to unusual room or living room arrangements. Properly selected, it will suit a modern, vintage, Provencal or oriental style. It all depends on your ingenuity!

10) The hammock can be used as a temporary shelf, in the child's room for toys or in the bedroom for clothes. It is also an interesting way to air the bedding on the balcony.

11) It's a perfect place to browse the internet and social networks, peace, quiet and no one peeks in like it happens on the couch.

12) The hammock in the chair option is a very comfortable place to read a book and watch a movie, the position is so comfortable that we can forget about fidgeting and constantly correcting the position.

13) A classic hammock as well as a hammock chair are a wonderful solution for breastfeeding mothers, we have already written about it earlier in the article "Hammock chair for mother and child"

14) A hammock in a child's room can be used as a swing, a place to rest and their own hiding place, which the little ones love. They support physical development and shape motor coordination and the sense of balance. It is also an interesting gift idea.

15) Hammocks can be used in the treatment of sensory integration disorders using the SI method and rehabilitation of people with autism. It is important to remember to consult the exercises with a physiotherapist beforehand.

Hanging a hammock at home is a very simple activity, all you need to do is designate two appropriately spaced points and install swing hooks or ready-made sets dedicated to interiors. An unquestionable advantage of such a piece of furniture is the possibility of quick disassembly and regaining space if it is needed at the moment. And if you have a terrace or garden, you can also use it outside in the summer season.

The most popular home hammocks chosen by our customers are those with subdued solid colors (ecru and natural), with decorative Colombian or Brazilian braids and tassels. However, this is only our suggestion, and we invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and choose the right model for your apartment.

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