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The number of single-track enthusiasts is growing every year, and we are not at all surprised, a bicycle is an excellent means of everyday transportation, you can use it to efficiently and without standing in traffic to get to work, the store or take your child to kindergarten. By the way, you can get rid of excess fat and save a not insignificant amount of money. In addition to serving as an ecological means of transportation, for many people the bicycle is a way to spend leisure time. All-day excursions or bicycle trips of several days require adequate preparation, in addition to provisions, changing clothes and bicycle equipment, accommodation and rest must be planned accordingly. And all essentials must fit into a backpack or bicycle pannier.

Accommodations for the cyclist.Where to sleep during cycling trips?

When going on a one-day bicycle trip, it is not necessary to plan an overnight stay, but it is worthwhile to ensure adequate rest or plan a short nap if the trip was early in the morning and the pace was intense. On cycling trips of several or more days, it is necessary to plan early the type of accommodation, you can choose a hotel, but then you lose the opportunity to commune with nature (which is, after all, what it is all about), and there is a risk that you will not reach it due to various fortuitous events. The first thing that comes to mind, planning to spend the night in the open air, is a tent. Of course, it will work, but the problem can be with packing it, even the smallest ones take up a lot of space and weigh at least 2 to 3 kilograms, and there is also a carrimat. So where to sleep during cycling trips? You already know the answer :)

In a hammock, of course.

Overnight stay in a bicycle hammock - what are the advantages?

1) Comfort

If you have ever had the pleasure of resting in a hammock then you already know that it is extremely comfortable and perfectly relaxing. If not then take our word for it or ask your friends, there will surely be someone in your immediate vicinity who uses a hammock.

2) Weight

Branded travel hammocks are made of very lightweight parachute materials (nylon or polyester). Their weight averages 0.5 kilograms. The lightest hammock weighs only 180 grams and the heaviest, including the mosquito net and insulation, weighs 950 grams. This is 2 - 3 times less than a lightweight tent weighing about 3 kilograms.

3) Capacity

With only a backpack or bicycle panniers, you can't afford to pack large items. Hammocks take up very little space when folded, as small as 18 x 6 x 6 cm. Each comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to pack and maintain maximum capacity. Again,this is 2 - 3 less than a small tent.

4) Speed and ease of assembly

If you've already got the hang of hanging the hammock between the trees for the first time, which certainly takes more time, each subsequent hammock assembly and disassembly should take you about a minute. Degree of difficulty: child's play

5) Durability

Professional bicycle hammocks are very resistant to tears (reinforced seams) and load, withstanding 120 to 200 kilograms depending on the model. We do not recommend buying the cheapest, unbranded hammock for a long trip, there is a risk that you will be left without a place to sleep.

6) Mounting location

When camping in a hammock, you don't have to worry about the ground, it can be uneven, wet or rocky. In extreme cases, you can even hang up the hammock directly over a stream.

7) Additional accessories

Depending on the season, the prevailing weather or your individual needs, you may need additional accessories for your hammock. There are tarps (canopies), mosquito nets, warming mats and even small hammocks for luggage.

8) Price

Prices of branded hammocks for bicycles range from PLN 150 to PLN 600, the more expensive ones already come with a mosquito net, warming or mat pocket. A hammock is much cheaper than a lightweight and small tent, plus you can use it in the garden or even in a room.

Overnight in a bicycle hammock - disadvantages that can be excused.

1) Without trees, it won't work

It's true, if by the time the sun goes down you can't find a place with suitable trees to hang your hammock, such an overnight stay may not work. At this point I would add that they do not necessarily have to be trees, anything through which you can wrap the attachment line will work. Traveling by bicycle, it is almost impossible not to find a place where trees grow. Even in the city center you can find them. Of course, you need to look around for a place to spend the night in advance.

2) Bad weather

When planning to spend the night in a tent, it's natural to have a roof over our heads to protect us from the rain and a carrimat or sleeping bag included. A hammock alone does not protect us from rain and cold nights or insects. Of course, it all depends on the climate of the place where you are traveling. To protect yourself from the aforementioned inconveniences, you would need to get a hammock with a mosquito net, an UnderQulit thermal pad and, in addition, a tarp. Yes each of these add-ons will increase the weight and size of your luggage, but it will still be more beneficial than taking a tent and sleeping bag. Hammock for bicycle - what model will be the best The best hammock for bicycle is the one that fits the weather conditions of the expedition route and individualneeds. There is no single best one.

Below we will present some suggestions of hammocks and accessories for different conditions.

Hammock for a day bike tour

For a one-day bicycle trip, the cheapest travel hammock without any extras in the form of canopies, mosquito nets or insulators will do. Rather, the hammock will serve for short rests or relaxation at the destination of the outing. If you are planning a trip with your child, he or she will be thrilled to rest in a hammock. Most hammocks, after untying the knots on both sides of the canvas, can be used as a picnic or beach blanket.

Recommended hammocks:

Hammock Travel Set

- Suitable for one person.

- Comes with mounting ropes with hooks (a basic system, but works great).

- Available in several colors, including a camouflage option.

- Weight - 450 grams

- Size when folded 21.5 x 7.5 cm

Silk Traveller XXL hammock

- Suitable for the whole family

- Mounting accessories must be purchased separately

- Weight - 700 grams

- Size after folding 25 x 8 cm

Zun Zun hammock chair

- Suitable for one person

- Ideal if you only have access to one tree

- Mounting accessories included

- Weighs 900 grams

- Has a folding bar

- Size after folding 23 x 14 cm

Bicycle hammocks for a few or several days trip

If you are planning a bicycle trip of several days in a warm climate country, you can confidently choose a hammock without warming pockets. If you are going on a trip in Poland for 2 - 3 days and the weather forecasts predict high temperatures at night, then a hammock without a warming pocket will also work.

Adventure Ultra Light Hammock

- The lightest hammock in the world

- Suitable for one person

- Available in four colors

- Weight - 180 grams

- Size when folded 18 x 6 cm

- Mounting accessories must be purchased separately

Adventure hammock XXL

- Suitable for the whole family

- Weight 350 grams

- Size when folded 24 x 7 cm

- Mounting accessories must be purchased separately

It is advisable to also take a tarp (canopy) with you on a longer cycling trip, unless the climate does not preclude rain. This is an extra pack, but will protect you from getting wet if it rains. It can also be used during the day as shelter during a cloudburst. Recommended traps:

Amazonas Tarp Traveller

- Weight - 800 grams

- Size when folded 25 x 10 cm

- Material: polyester with polyurethane coating

- Dimensions 340 x 280 cm

Tropilex Canopy Tarp

- Weight - 1100 grams

- Size when folded 20 x 15 x 5 cm

- Material: Parachute fabric

- Size: 400 x 300 cm

Tarp ClassicFly La Siesta

- Weight - 1000 grams

- Size after folding 23 x 12 cm

- Material: Polyester with RipStop coating

- Dimensions: 400 x 300 cm

If the cycling trip is planned in areas where the nights are chilly then the best choice, will be a hammock with a pocket for warming. In the pocket, you can put a thermal insert or the most ordinary blanket or a sleeping pad. If it is warm, the hammock can be used without the insert. Recommended hammocks:

Silk Traveller Thermo hammock

- Suitable for one person

- Has a pocket for a thermal insert

- Weight 520 grams

- Dimensions when folded 20 x 6.5 cm

- Mounting accessories must be purchased separately

Hammock Moskito Traveller Thermo

- Suitable for one person

- Has a pocket for a thermal insert

- Comes with mosquito net (can be used without)

- Weight 650 grams

- Dimensions after folding 25 x 9,5 cm

- Mounting accessories to be purchased separately

Moskito Traveller Quilted Hammock

New from the Amazonas brand. It has an integrated mosquito net and warming included.

- 3 in 1 - just one package

- Mosquito net included (can be used without)

- Insulation built into the hammock

- Weight 950 grams

- Dimensions when folded 35 x 17 cm

- Mounting accessories must be purchased separately

The hammocks with mosquito net have already been presented above. The store also offers hammocks with mosquito netting without insulation. Such a hammock will be perfect for overnight stays in the woods or places where there are a lot of insects, especially mosquitoes. Mosquito nets have higher standards than recommended by the WHO, and some models are additionally soaked in the insect repellent Tanatex (odorless for humans). Any model can be used without a mosquito net, depending on your needs. Recommended bicycle hammocks with mosquito net (without thermal insert):

Moskito Traveller Pro hammock

- Has a mosquito net included

- Impregnated with Tanatex treatment

- Suitable for one person

- Weight 450 grams

- Dimensions after folding 22.5 x 9 cm

- Mounting accessories must be purchased separately

Hammock Moskito Traveller Extreme

- Comes with a mosquito net

- Impregnated with Tanatex treatment

- Suitable for one person

- Weight 500 grams

- Dimensions after folding 24,5 x 8,5 cm

- Mounting accessories must be purchased separately

Note that the vast majority of bicycle hammocks do not come with mounting accessories. Don't forget to buy them, without them you won't hang your hammock! Our store offers several systems, but for outdoor hammocks we strongly recommend the Microrope kit from Amazonas. It is from small and weighs only 160 grams.

Many of you may wonder if bicycle hammocks are different from travel hammocks? The answer is no. Bicycle hammocks are nothing more than travel hammocks, but when choosing a model for sleeping during bicycle travel, you should choose one that takes up as little space as possible and is suitable for the weather conditions along the route.

Check out all the models available in our store ---> Travel hammocks

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