Hammock chair with or without a cushion?

Despite the growing popularity of hammock chairs, they are still perceived as quite exotic lounge furniture, and not everyone knows what their specifics are and how they should be used. Very often customers interested in buying a hammock chair are disappointed that they are mostly sold without cushions, which are only an option to be bought separately.

Why is a hammock chair sold without a cushion?

First of all, because by design it should be used without cushions. A hammock chair is nothing more than a classic Brazilian or Colombian hammock suspended from a wooden pole, it differs only in that its fabric is asymmetrical to delineate the surface of the seat and back. When using a classic hammock, one does not spread cushions over its entire surface, this would be neither comfortable nor practical. The same is true of hammock chairs. Hammocks and hammock chairs are extremely comfortable precisely due to lying or sitting directly on the material, which perfectly adapts to the shape of the body, this relieves the pressure on the spine and does not cause discomfort, the user does not feel the need to constantly change position and correct himself as is the case with classic furniture.

In conclusion, hammock chairs are sold without cushions, because they are not an integral part of them and, most simply, are not needed. Cushions are only an additional option, and their purchase is left to the customer's discretion.

When is it a good idea to buy cushions for a hammock chair?

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and this is also the case here. So when is it worth buying a cushion or cushions? Most hammock chairs look unattractive after hanging at home or in the garden, only after lying down in them do they show their attractiveness, they take shape, and the attachment cords unfold beautifully. Very often, however, the chair is intended to complement and beautify fashionable arrangements, in addition to resting in it, one also wants to look at it and enjoy the eye. In this case, cushions can serve as an additional decorative element, but most importantly, they unfold the hammock chair as if someone were sitting in it. Another reason to buy a cushion can be a bad position when reading a book in the hammock chair, some people do not like to read with their head tilted back, then one cushion behind the head will solve the problem. The same is true for a short nap, a pillow under the head can come in handy. Cushions will also work well in case someone wants to treat the hammock chair as a hanging chair and hammock comfort is not the most important determinant, then such a conversion seems to make sense.

Of course, we are aware of each person's individual predispositions, and it cannot be ruled out that someone will be more comfortable with cushions under the bottom and behind the back, but most of our customers, hammock manufacturers and our entire team (yes each of us uses at least one hammock chair) have a similar opinion.

If you are considering buying a hammock chair and despite reading this post you are having trouble deciding on the cushions, please feel free to contact our hotline, we will try to help.

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